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    Our Special Guest speakers


    George Noory

    George Noory host of Coast to Coast am will be at Invasion UFO live. 


    Nick Pope

    Nick Pope worked for the UK Ministry of Defense, investigating UFOs and other mysteries officially, for the British government, leading the media to call him the real Fox Mulder. Because of his work on these real-life X-Files, Nick has worked as consultant or spokesperson on numerous alien-themed movies, TV shows and video games. He’s a regular contributor to various TV documentaries and news shows, including Ancient Aliens and Tucker Carlson Tonight, and has written two science fiction novels, and three non-fiction bestsellers about UFOs. His most recent book is fantastic: an action thriller called Blood Brothers, while his most recent DVD is a documentary called Aliens at the Pentagon.  Nick's been a special guest recently on the Tucker Carlson show.


    Tom Danheiser

    Coast To Coast AM Producer Tom Danheiser will be attending Invasion UFO


    A little more realism

    Bringing a more realistic viewpoint to our show...perhaps a little more frightening too!


    Experts deliver!

    We all want to hear lectures on the "now" of what's happening around our planet and how it may one day affect us all.  Be prepared and see it live as things around us are unfolding.

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    Multi-Event Special

    Additional Information

    Alien Snowfest was designed by Trevor Potter to bring more information to the table of those who are more than just curious.  

    Invasion UFO  Conference is in retrospect the same philosophy .  Both events came from being inspired to know more from Trevor Potter's encounters and a desire to look beyond our known backyard at the possibilities of other planets and life beyond our solar system.

    We are working on a special discount for those who wish to attend both events.  This special will be coming out soon.  Yet will still be applicable to all who attend Invasion UFO.